Our Story

Authentic leather goods imbued with a timeless spirit are at the heart of the ZILLIONAIRE brand. Phone cases, wallets and other small leather goods combine design innovation with heritage craftsmanship. #IMZILLIONAIRE

Fine Leather For Glamour And A Worldly Journey

As your ultimate lifestyle companion, our products transcend seasonal and runway trends. They go with you from day to night, wherever you go. Creating your story through personalization, each ZILLIONAIRE piece celebrates your individuality.


We launched ZILLIONAIRE in 2020 and it provides you a creative outlet for self-expression. We constantly push boundaries in contemporary luxury, utilizing the finest materials and craftsmen. By embracing innovative design, we aim to inspire a global community of creative and adventurous individuals to tap into their own potential and that of those around them.

The Highest Quality Leather And Craftsmanship

Using premium top grain leathers across the entire range is the foundation and inspiration for our craft. Only the finest materials are sourced to handcraft our timeless and iconic pieces from the most sophisticated tanneries in the world residing in Italy, France and Germany. The natural premium grain leather lends a distinct personality to our products appearance, texture, and olfactory experience.

Our Movement

The #IMZILLIONAIRE movement inspires our community to live a life of greatness, reminding them that they can achieve anything in life. A personalized monograms represent more than just an accessory; they represent a commitment to one’s self identity and a way to express oneself.

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